Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Donna Wilson and I Reveal ‘The Forgotten Secret to Leadership 

What is “The Forgotten Secret to Leadership Success”? Donna and I provide the answer at our blog post appearing on the School Leaders Now website.

The forgotten secret is metacognition—thinking about thinking—which London neuroscientist Stephen Fleming confirms may be the most powerful tool that professionals such as educational leaders can use to question, monitor, and adjust their thinking as a means of driving action toward achieving goals.

Teachers can work together in using metacognition to improve their teaching practice too. By reflecting on best practices together, teachers can increase their opportunities for being more effective educators—both individually and collectively.

Consider such strategies as:
  • Shining the spotlight on classroom success stories.
  • Recognizing and celebrating your teachers’ unique strengths and contributions.
  • Leading an environment that encourages teachers to offer feedback to colleagues and welcomes suggestions from fellow teachers.
  • Spread the word about the power of practical optimism to support learning.
We invite you to read the entire post at the School Leaders Now website.

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