Tuesday, March 14, 2017

“Collaborating Minds” Is the Topic of Our edCircuit Blog Post

Donna and I advocate for the importance of teacher collaboration in our recent blog post for edCircuit.

As we explain in the post, entitled “Collaborating Minds,” the traditional model of teachers working in isolation is no longer effective in this time of significant change in the teaching practice. Collaboration is critical.

In our work with thousands of educators over the last 17 years, we have facilitated a collaborative approach. In our edCircuit blog post, we stress the importance of capitalizing on what we call educators’ “combined sea of strengths.”

We have developed a list of strategies for purposeful collaboration, which include the following action steps.

Step 1: Identify a common purpose.
Step 2: Set performance goals.
Step 3: Bring together team members with complementary skills
Step 4: Work together in small groups.
Step 5: Learn to listen and ask.
Step 6: Celebrate working together.

Read the entire blog post, which includes a description of the above six steps, at the edCircuit website.

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