Thursday, January 25, 2018

Celebrating BrainSMART’s 20-Year Anniversary: Teachers Speak

The BrainSMART program has been excellent for teachers as well as for school administrators who are looking for principles to enhance their staffs’ professional and personal development.

Retired principal Priscilla Bourgeois and teachers in her parish had a positive experience using the program to bring out the most in educators and students. Here is her description of her BrainSMART experience.

Hooked After One Session

I actually heard and met Marcus speak for my very first time at the international accelerated learning conference in the mid 1990s. After that one session, I was hooked on his message! Shortly thereafter, Dr. Donna appeared, and as we know, a fantastic personal and professional collaboration ensued.

Once the BrainSMART curricula hit the market, I knew I was in. As a principal, it became a great tool for staff development, personal growth, and exciting learning opportunities for staff and students. I took courses, was able to bring Marcus in to speak to the staff, had teachers partake of Dr. Donna and MC workshops in our parish! It was such an exciting time to be on the cusp of this learning and teaching wave.

Two of the staff members went on to pursue their Master’s in BrainSMART. Unequivocally the BrainSMART techniques changed and enhanced the learning process along with their individual growth.

 How wonderful it has been to follow its growth and see the global change it has brought to education.

Priscilla Bourgeois
US Principal, (retired)

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