Tuesday, December 19, 2017

We Have a New Ed Week Post: "It's an Exciting Time to Be an Educator"

by Guest Blogger Donna Wilson

Marcus and I were pleased to be featured in Education Week, discussing how "It's an Exciting Time to Be an Educator," in the popular Classroom Q&A with Larry Ferlazzo.

In the post, we talk about how we have arrived at a unique moment in the history of education as the field of learning sciences continues to gain momentum. We observe how learning environments and instructional processes have been elevated through the explicit teaching of practical metacognitive, cognitive, and social skills to enhance academic achievement.

Today, there is greater understandiing of the brain's plasticity and a scientific basis to support higher expectations for all students, including low income and minority youth.

New research showing that the brain is malleable is a major departure from previous conclusions that intelligence was a fixed asset, bringing greater excitement to the education field based on its positive implication for the professional learning of administrators, policymakers, teachers, and others.

We invite you to read the entire post at the Education Week blog.

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