Friday, October 9, 2015

The Power of Positivity in Schools

Our latest regular blog post on Edutopia is “Unleashing the Power of Positivity in Your School.” As we explain in the post, a positive community of educators within a school has a powerful effect on the students who actively learn there. Teachers help create a positive environment by exhibiting and modeling an optimistic outlook and can-do attitude.

The post builds on a previous post that we wrote, which outlines the benefits of practical optimism as a strategy for achieving one’s goals through commitment, execution and maintaining a positive outlook that success is possible. In this latest post, we outline a variety of strategies that may be useful in enhancing practical optimism, such as staying focused on the “upside,” expressing gratitude, and regularly committing small acts of kindness. Other strategies include being mindful of your emotional state, giving your brain and body a positive workout, and infusing positive feelings into your surroundings.

We invite you to read our recent full blog post at this link. Our hope is that you will enjoy incorporating these strategies into your routine, and then note the changes in the emotional climate in your classroom and school!

Marcus and I amplify some of these same themes and many more in our latest book, Positively Smarter: Science and Strategies for Increasing Happiness, Achievement, and Well-Being, published by Wiley Blackwell. It is full of practical strategies and may be found on Amazon.

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